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Jul-22 Auto Update: Domestic Sales in Recovery Mode, Low Base Aids   4 CARE Edge
Jul-22 Automobile Channel Check Update   3 Nirmal Bang
Jul-22 Margin pressure to be lower than earlier envisaged   5 HDFC Securities
Jul-22 Q1 preview: Margin pressure to persist amid high input costs   20 Emkay Research
Jul-22 Demand recovery underway, supply side issues easing up   20 Motilal Oswal
Jul-22 PV wholesales improve with easing of chip supplies   6 Motilal Oswal
Jul-22 Electronic components' supply improves   6 Centrum Research
Jul-22 PV & CV gaining traction; Recovery delayed for 2W in June 2022   18 IDBI Capital
Jul-22 Automobile Sales-June 2022   5 Nirmal Bang
Jun-22 Gradual easing of chip shortages to benefit PVs...   6 Motilal Oswal
Jun-22 Fleet operators' optimism paving way for CV demand going forward   3 Nirmal Bang
Jun-22 Jun'22 Preview: CVs, Tractors and PVs likely to see sequential improvement   9 Emkay Research
Jun-22 Two Wheelers: Some green-shoots visible   11 HDFC Securities
Jun-22 Automobile Channel Check Update   3 Nirmal Bang
Jun-22 Automobile Sales-May 2022   5 Nirmal Bang
May-22 Expect sequential improvement in 2Ws, PVs and CVs   9 Emkay Research
May-22 EVs at a point of no return   18 Emkay Research
May-22 Price Hikes, Supply-chain Woes Hurt Outlook   3 CARE Edge
May-22 Strong recovery in Tractors; CVs maintain uptrend   10 Emkay Research
May-22 Revival in 2W; Improvement in PV & CV in April 2022   18 IDBI Capital
May-22 Marriage season drives a recovery in 2W demand   6 Motilal Oswal
Apr-22 Time to relook   66 HDFC Securities
Apr-22 Apr'22 preview   9 Emkay Research
Apr-22 Domestic Sales Hit by Continued Chip Shortage, Fuel Inflation   4 CARE Edge
Apr-22 The upward momentum continues in PV & CV in March 2022   16 IDBI Capital
Apr-22 Automobile Sales-March 2022   5 Nirmal Bang
Mar-22 Subdued Performance across Segments Continues...   6 Reliance Securities Ltd.
Mar-22 Automobiles - Tyres - Getting closer to cyclical bottom   35 ICICI Securities
Mar-22 Automobile - The PV & CV on the Recovery path in February 2022   18 IDBI Capital
Feb-22 Motown traversing a tough road   4 CARE Edge
Feb-22 Feb'22 preview   9 Emkay Research
Feb-22 Automobile Sales Estimates – February 2022   3 Nirmal Bang
Feb-22 Revival Momentum continues in PV & CV in January 2022   18 IDBI Capital
Feb-22 Jan'22: PV Wholesales impacted by supply-chain constraints   8 Motilal Oswal
Feb-22 Automobile Sales Estimates – January 2022   3 Nirmal Bang
Jan-22 Jan'22 preview   9 Emkay Research
Jan-22 Q3 preview: Strong quarter for CV firms, subdued for others   17 Emkay Research
Jan-22 Subdued Results on Weak Volume Performance   7 Reliance Securities Ltd.
Jan-22 Operating leverage, price hikes drive QoQ margin recovery   18 Motilal Oswal
Jan-22 Dec'21 volume review   11 Emkay Research
Jan-22 PV and CV better off in December 2021   18 IDBI Capital
Jan-22 Demand Weakness across Segments...   6 Reliance Securities Ltd.