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Sanjeev Krishan Download
Continuity’s the Name of the Game -- 05-Feb-24
Continuity of policies is a characteristic of a mature economy.

Dhanendra Kumar & Navneet Sharma Download
Not Complete Without Competition -- 05-Feb-24
Competition is the life force of a market economy.

Deepak Mishra Download
GoI, G20fy for Reforms -- 24-Jan-24
'If Prime Minister Modi can get all the G20 leaders to agree to the communiqué in the midst of a raging war and unprecedented geopolitical fragmentation, why can’t he get similar consensus for his economic reform agenda at home?’ aG20 delegate innocently asked, as the New Delhi G20 Summit in September was reaching its climax.

Ateesh Tankha & Syagnik Banerjee Download
OpenAI and Its Discontents -- 19-Jan-24
To tackle content from being exploited & compromised by AI, countries must enact protective laws

Varun Gandhi Download
Prick the Inflation Balloon -- 19-Jan-24
India’s inflation was between 5.5-6.4% in December 2023, led by a spike in food prices that averaged 5.4% in Q3 FY23.

Anjuli Bhargava Download
Time We Have the Foggiest -- 18-Jan-24
Arsenal for this annual war needs urgent beefing up so that Dec 2023-Jan 2024 isn’t repeated

Seema Sirohi Download
See Ya, Mr Ambassador -- 17-Jan-24
Farewells are never easy. But as H W Longfellow wrote, ‘Great is the art of beginning, but greater is the art of ending.’ India’s ambassador Taranjit Singh Sandhu ends his tenure with a slate of successes not easily matched, and a list of friends hard to duplicate.

Anil Nair Download
Handle AI's Toxic Creativity -- 16-Jan-24
The technology is obviously useful — but it's vital to know, and fix, the dangers it can pose.

Madan Sabnavis Download
Spur a Deposit Boom -- 16-Jan-24
The concept of external benchmark lending rate (EBLR), which helps in faster transmission of repo rate changes, is unique to India.

Amarjeet Sinha Download
Addressing Inequality Through Quality Public Systems, Goods -- 15-Jan-24
It is time to make macro data reflect in micro realities of every household through higher incomes and productivity; compromises with environment can never lead to happier lives.

Harsh V Pant Download
Taiwan Talks Strait -- 15-Jan-24
Democracy is a powerful instrument to underscore the illegitimacy of authoritarian nations.

Vivek Singh & Aashish Chandorkar Download
Viksit Bharat's Key Element Will Be a Strong Middleware -- 11-Jan-24
The term ‘Viksit Bharat’ conjures up discussions on economic definitions and terminologies, with focus on GDP.

Sumeysh Srivastava Download
Let's Keep the Lines Clear -- 11-Jan-24
The Telecommunications Bill 2023, which was passed in December, has had mixed reactions.

Indrani Bagchi Download
Be a Shelter from the Storm -- 26-Dec-23
With the world in a flux, India should take a stab at defining this beast called ‘rules-based order’

Ajay Piramal & Debopam Chaudhuri Download
NBFCs, Keep This Spare Tyre Handy -- 26-Dec-23
FCs have been integral to India’s formal credit system since Independence, complementing banks in distributing credit.

Anjana Menon Download
Still Wrestling With Our Demons -- 26-Dec-23
Giving up on a year-long battle for justice against an alleged sexual predator, India’s top wrestler and an Olympic medallist, Sakshi Malik, hung up her boots last week in disgust.

Bibek Debroy & Aditya Sinha Download
Big Scoop of a Big Spoon -- 25-Dec-23
Leverage Big Data to improve logistic efficiency — it’ll cut costs, unclog chokepoints, boost productivity

Prashant Singhal Download
Telecom Bill, 2023 -- 25-Dec-23
The Telecommunications Bill 2023 is astep in the right direction. One of the most anticipated outcomes of the new Act is the provision for administrative assignment of spectrum for satellite services.

Mike Bloomberg, NChandrasekaran & Shemara Wikramanayake Download
PPPlanetary Rescue Mission -- 01-Dec-23
Public-private partnerships are the way to go for real climate action beyond good intentions

Prakash Balakrishnan Download
It’s America, Stupid! -- 30-Nov-23
Winston Churchill famously called Russia ‘a riddle wrapped in mystery inside an enigma’. Economists studying the data flows from the US may be tempted to borrow the phrase to describe the US economy.

Anil Padmanabhan Download
Precious, Tricky Spots -- 29-Nov-23
Earlier this month, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) released its Emissions Gap Report 2023.

Kunal Bahl Download
Dear Adventure Capitalists -- 28-Nov-23
A few observations—tips, if you will—for early-stage startup investors to cherry-pick wisely

Dhiraj Nayyar Download
GoI, KoBoldly Forward -- 28-Nov-23
GoI is working hard to attract Elon Musk’s Tesla to invest in India. It is a worthwhile exercise to court a company that is at the cutting edge of electric vehicles and associated technologies like batteries and energy storage.

Manisha Girotra Download
Eminent Rise of M&As -- 27-Nov-23
India’s corporate terrain is undergoing asignificant transformation as Indian conglomerates drive M&A activity, a field traditionally dominated by MNCs and PE firms.

Rajesh Shukla Download
Destabilise the Pyramid -- 24-Nov-23
Welfare delivery has improved vastly. Yet, there remain many who need pulling out of the bottom tier

Raj S Joshi Download
Keep DigiWolves at Bay -- 24-Nov-23
Cyfirma’s India Threat Landscape Report 2023, released earlier this month, has warnings for the country’s cybersecurity framework:

Mudar Patherya Download
Sad, But Not Ahmedabad -- 23-Nov-23
Compared to the likes of Kolkata's Eden Gardens, Motera's spectators were downright civil

Arpit Chug Download
Rule of 40, for IPO Investor Looks -- 22-Nov-23
BSE data reveal that India witnessed 92 IPOs this year. More than 25 companies submitted their draft IPO papers to Sebi in the third quarter.

Seema Sirohi Download
When Xi Went All Xmiley Face -- 22-Nov-23
Last week’s US-China summit was designed for limited results. Joe Biden met Xi Jinping for four hours outside San Francisco, took a stroll and seemed to make nice.

Get Your Investment Frameworks Right to Beat the Market -- 21-Nov-23
There was a time in my equity investing journey when all I knew was Price = EPS × P/E. Thus, the lower the P/E of a stock, the more attractive it is. This was in the early ’80s.

Shailesh Chandra Download
Air pollution is an India-wide problem. A recent World Bank policy research paper has found that rising air pollution reduces India’s year-on-year GDP growth by 0.56 percentage points.

Manish Maheshwari Download
Control+AItman+Delete? -- 20-Nov-23
The OpenAI CEO’s ouster has consequences for AI’s future in general, in India in particular

V Anantha Nageswaran, Chandni Raina & Geetu Joshi Download
How to Line Up the SDG Money -- 20-Nov-23
Sustainable development is essential not only for the well-being of future generations and preservation of ecosystems but also to meet the aspirations of the present generation.

Anand Vasu Download
To Fight Another One-Day -- 20-Nov-23
ODI cricket is dead. Long live ODIs. This has been the refrain off and on for months leading into the ICC World Cup in India.

Soumya Kanti Ghosh Download
Mis-Employ Jobs Data? -- 17-Nov-23
According to the latest Periodic Labour Force Survey (PLFS), India’s unemployment rate revealed a big decline from 6.1% in 2018 to 3.2% in 2023.

Neeraj Kaushal Download
Aliens from another world must think Delhiites to be on a suicide mission

Sanjeev Sanyal & Apurv Kumar Mishra Download
Let’s Make Mediation Voluntary -- 15-Nov-23
Mediation is a procedure where a neutral intermediary helps parties reach amutually satisfactory settlement in adispute.

Chidanand Rajghatta Download
Anathema Towards Anthems? -- 15-Nov-23
So, it’s down to four national anthems in the World Cup, with India, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand making it to the semis.

Cos Should be Open with Investors, It Pays -- 13-Nov-23
Daniel Kahneman was a psychologist in the Israeli Army in his early days and later won the Nobel Prize in economics for his unique ability to integrate psychological insights into economics.

Gilles Verniers Download
Window Blocking the View -- 13-Nov-23
Electoral bonds have created the illusion that political funding in India has become somewhat clean

Meyyappan Nagappan & DS Jaya Prakash Babu Download
PSUs, Green Champions? -- 13-Nov-23
The Paris Agreement set an ambitious but necessary goal of limiting the global average temperature between 1.5°C and 2°C above the pre-industrial levels by 2030.

Harsh Mariwala & Tatwamasi Dixit Download
The Original Joint Venture -- 10-Nov-23
Family businesses are unique — to thrive, balance harmony and aspirations

Rahul Basu Download
Secure GenNext Future -- 10-Nov-23
Intergenerational equity requires us to ensure that future generations inherit at least as much as we did. Traditionally, land has been an intergenerational asset.

Mudar Patherya Download
The Republic of Team India -- 09-Nov-23
The Indian cricket team’s secular capacity to be good may be its biggest, under-celebrated achievement

Ramesh Chand & Ram Singh Download
Tech Beyond Tractors -- 09-Nov-23
Agriculture’s share in global GDP has been increasing since the 2007-09 global financial crisis.

Seema Sirohi Download
The Do Aur Do Punch -- 08-Nov-23
A powerful message will go out this week when US secretaries of state and defence travel to India to meet their counterparts for the 2+2 dialogue.

Kushagra Srivastava & Sreeja Kundu Download
War Against the Airy-Fairy -- 07-Nov-23
To fight air pollution, have a tech-enabled emission-accounting system for all major emitters

Ashima Goyal Download
India on a Fiscal Fitness Regime -- 07-Nov-23
Last month’s Kautilya Economic Conclave strangely had a number of speakers giving the finance ministry lectures on reducing high debt and deficit ratios.

Mythili Bhusnurmath Download
RBI, Stick to Your Knitting -- 06-Nov-23
The central bank will do far more for climate change by tackling inflation than taking on GoI's remit

Romal Shetty & Shailesh Tyagi Download
Beyond the ABC of ESG -- 06-Nov-23
The sustainability landscape has undergone a remarkable transformation in the past few years, extending far beyond its conventional definitions and practices.

Leena Srivastava Download
Turn Now, the Light’s Green -- 03-Nov-23
GoI must set up an empowered authority reporting to PMO to oversee India’s energy transition

Ateesh Tankha & Ganga Narayan Rath Download
eRs.-W, Hunt a Chimaera? -- 03-Nov-23
In November 2022, India rolled out wholesale central bank digital currencies (CBDC-W), a central bank digital counteraction to cryptocurrencies arising from a fear that these private virtual currencies could disrupt monetary policy and destabilise markets.

Neelkanth Mishra Download
When DMs Become Ems -- 02-Nov-23
Rising US rates and treasury yields are affecting cross-border capital flows

Sahil Kanuga & Maulin Salvi Download
G-Force of Startups -- 02-Nov-23
In the ever-evolving landscape of venture capitalism, one constant remains: pursuit of the next big thing.

Vivek Johri Download
Ensuring All Systems Are Cargo -- 31-Oct-23
With the signing of the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) in 2017, trade facilitation in the context of customs and border procedures has been moving at a fast clip.

Dhiraj Nayyar Download
Line & Length on Growth, Not ’Flation -- 31-Oct-23
In its relentless fight against inflation, has the world dropped the ball on growth?

Girish Punjabi Download
World’s Game for Business -- 30-Oct-23
Investors everywhere want a piece of the cricket action, as value creation picks up runs

Praveen Chakravarty Download
India Inc, Confront Caste -- 30-Oct-23
Readers of this newspaper may find it difficult to discuss caste. The corporate sector rightly considers itself a meritocracy that looks at people only through their ability and not identity.

Arnie Guha Download
India, Go for World-Broker -- 27-Oct-23
Alliance-forming has shifted from evangelical to trust-based, to New Delhi’s geopolitical advantage

Dinesh Kanabar Download
Double Taxation Trouble -- 27-Oct-23
One of the pillars of cross-border trade are tax treaties, agreements to avoid double taxation between two countries.

Kiran Karnik Download
Before We Get Breathing Space -- 26-Oct-23
Instead of sending humans to space, why not send less risky, cheaper AI-powered robots?

Madan Sabnavis/Suranjali Tandon Download
GREEN FINANCE -- 26-Oct-23
Give the Market A Green Signal

Ashok Malik Download
Bridge Over Troubled Water -- 25-Oct-23
How India’s role in West Asia plays out will have an enormous impact on its external strategy.

Abheek Barua Download
Double Double Toil 'n' Trouble -- 24-Oct-23
Economic policymakers need a new playbook to tackle unexpected shocks.

Neeraj Kaushal Download
Does Israel Need US Aid? -- 24-Oct-23
America’s response to Hamas’ attack on Israeli civilians is a farcical tragedy.

Seema Sirohi Download
Joe Biden’s show of solidarity with Israel while acknowledging the plight of Palestinians is wise

Anil Padmanabhan Download
Weathering the Storms -- 20-Oct-23
On October 7, Hamas launched an unprecedented assault on Israel. The strike was akin to what India witnessed on November 26, 2008, in Mumbai.

Duvvuri Subbarao Download
For a Fi$tful of Non-Dollars -- 19-Oct-23
There’s much dollar resentment, but politics and economics hobble BRICS common currency plans

Krishna Srinivasan Download
Keep the Game Face On -- 19-Oct-23
Strong consumer spending has supported growth across most of Asia in 2023.

Vikram Doctor Download
Left Standing at the Altar -- 18-Oct-23
India+ has come a long way since a scornful verdict designed to drive people back into the closet

Harsh V Pant & Aditya Gowdara Shivamurthy Download
Lanka No More Game -- 17-Oct-23
On October 11, the Sri Lankan government confirmed that it had completed its debt-restructuring negotiations worth $4.2 billion with the Export Import

Manish Banthia Download
Economic Stability or Defending Dollar? US Fed Has a Tough Task -- 16-Oct-23
In the world of finance, the delicate balance between interest rates, economic growth, and global currency dynamics often holds the key to stability or turmoil.

Anand Vasu Download
When Fans Got So Fanatic -- 16-Oct-23
A voluble proportion of India’s cricket spectatorship has something unsavoury in its kit.

Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay Download
Five Statements of Intent -- 12-Oct-23
With a Mandal vs Kamandal 2.0 thrown into the mix, these polls will test the efficacy of the Modi cult.

Sujeet Kumar & Saksham Malik Download
Tweak It to Our Needs -- 12-Oct-23
On Tuesday, GoI announced the extension of the term of the Committee on Digital Competition Law (CDCL) until October 31.

Seema Sirohi Download
A Canadian Nip in the Air -- 11-Oct-23
The US is caught between a treaty ally and a strategic partner at a time when Israel needs it most.

Dhanendra Kumar Download
BRICS, the Mortar of Competition -- 11-Oct-23
Competition is the life force of an inclusive economy. Fair competition ensures consumer welfare, a level playing field and sustained economic growth.

Ajay Chhibber Download
From Billions to Trillions -- 11-Oct-23
A central focus of the ongoing World Bank-IMF meetings in earthquakehit Marrakech, Morocco, is progress on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Nicoline de Haan & Himanshu Pathak Download
Level Playing Farmland -- 10-Oct-23
This is India’s moment on the world stage. With the successful completion of its G20 presidency and significant strides towards ‘One Earth, One Family, One Future’, India has made internationally recognised progress toward strong, balanced, sustainable and inclusive growth to safeguard the future of people and the planet.

Rajiv Kumar & Harshvardhan Singh Download
Raising India’s share in global exports is key for growth and employment generation

Anant Merathia Download
Getting a Second Chance -- 09-Oct-23
Indians run businesses on trust, good faith, wisdom and sectoral competence.

Deepro Guha Download
Need to Algo the Distance -- 06-Oct-23
Have you ever found yourself endlessly scrolling through social media, wondering why you can’t stop?

Subimal Bhattacharjee & Ambuj Sahu Download
India-US Tech-Tocking -- 06-Oct-23
Amid speculation that India’s diplomatic fallout with Canada could dent India-US relations, recent developments suggest that India and the US are back to business as usual.

Indrajit Hazra Download
A New Appleonian Design -- 04-Oct-23
Apple’s latest push towards planetary ethics-aesthetics is powerful brand-positioning at work.

Ateesh Tankha Download
Reckless to Be Cashless -- 03-Oct-23
What happens when Big Government, Big Tech and Big Finance unite to wage arelentless war on cash? In parts of the developed world.

Ajay Sood Download
Gain Gyan Through Vigyan -- 29-Sep-23
Don't look for science advice only during emergencies, use it for informed policymaking.

Naresh Trehan Download
Have a Heart to Heart -- 29-Sep-23
India is a young country. Unfortunately a silent intruder - cardiovascular diseases is impacting the health of the younger generation.

Kiran Karnik Download
All Imagineers May Apply -- 28-Sep-23
An AI-boosted worksphere will demand people who can imagine new products, services, processes.

Subhrakant Panda Download
Unclog the Credit Lines -- 28-Sep-23
In pushing for greater inclusivity,India recognises the social and economic imperative of broad-based growth.

Anil Padmanabhan Download
OCEN of Opportunity -- 27-Sep-23
After two years of experiments with various pilots, Open Credit Enablement Network was launched recently.

Rajesh Shukla Download
For a Bindiyan Workforce -- 26-Sep-23
India’s women’s labour force participation rate is dismal. To reverse this trend, educate them better

Neeraj Kaushal Download
Union States of America? -- 26-Sep-23
The US labour market is the hottest it has been in more than half a century. The unemployment rate has been less than 4% for almost two years.

Ateesh Tankha & Syagnik Banerjee Download
It Could Pay to Pay to Tweet -- 25-Sep-23
Getting consumers to pay for the benefit of using a public square may be a good, disruptive thing

Akshay Rout Download
Planning for One Mega Carnival -- 25-Sep-23
The first meeting of the committee on ‘One Nation, One Election’ (ONOE) chaired by former president Ram Nath Kovind took place on Saturday.

Indrani Bagchi Download
See You Later, 'Allegation -- 21-Sep-23
Did Trudeau throw India under the bus before a public inquiry brings uncomfortable facts to light?

Arvind Panagariya Download
Delhi Exerted G20 Force -- 21-Sep-23
A day before the G20 summit, I had made three predictions

Harsh V Pant Download
Stand-Up Justin, Stand Down -- 20-Sep-23
Trudeau has lost the plot on India, and things are unlikely to get better under his administration

Rohit K Singh Download
Dial C for Customer Care -- 20-Sep-23
In the ever-changing landscape of global commerce and trade, a critical fulcrum balances the scales between producers and consumers.

Anjana Menon Download
Falling Far From the Tree -- 19-Sep-23
The star in Apple’s products launch last week was Oscar-winning actor Octavia Spencer.

Bibek Debroy & Aditya Sinha Download
Snakecharming Those Data -- 12-Sep-23
Of economists, echo chambers and exoticism — the trifecta of anti-India critiques via cherry-picking

Sanjay Kapoor Download
Can 5G Pick Up Speed? -- 12-Sep-23
As of June, 240-plus communications service providers (CSPs) have launched commercial 5G services worldwide.

Narendra Modi Download
Under India's presidency, G20 has moved towards a human-centric globalisation project

V Ranganathan Download
Let IIMs Run, IIMs, Run -- 01-Sep-23
When IIM-A decided to award diplomas to students instead of opting for a degreegranting status, it was to distance itself from UGC and its bizarre rules.

Sandeep Parekh & Rashmi Birmole & T K Arun Download
Ease delisting cos, especially those on defunct exchanges, and be fair to investors and delisters

Saibal Ghosh Download
Right-Colouring One’s Funds -- 31-Aug-23
Jan Evangelista Purkinje, a 19th century Czech physiologist, discovered that colours that appeared brightest to human eyes in daylight appeared the darkest at dusk.

Ashok Malik Download
The Continuity Constituency -- 30-Aug-23
Modi’s urging this growing target group that wise choices today can impact India for ‘centuries’

Seema Sirohi Download
Fear & Loathing for 2024 -- 30-Aug-23
What you have been dreading or waiting for — depending on your point of view — is nigh. The 2024 presidential election will be an endurance test, even a reality test. Old rules may not apply.

Boria Majumdar Download
India’s Got Spear headed -- 29-Aug-23
Neeraj Chopra represents not only a new breed of world-beating Indian athletes, but also of Indians

Gauri Chaudhari Download
A Bitter Pill to Swallow -- 29-Aug-23
The National Medical Commission’s (NMC) decision last week to put on hold its August 3 rule mandating doctors to prescribe only generic drugs or face punishment is welcome.

Sandipan Deb Download
Woke Up? Smell the Coffee -- 28-Aug-23
Money and margins speak louder than social justice, and certainly than virtue-signalling

Vivek Joshi Download
Getting More Into the Money Circle -- 28-Aug-23
The National Mission on Financial Inclusion, a.k.a. Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY), was launched on this day in 2014.

Lubna Kably Download
GST Lumps Need Smoothening -- 28-Aug-23
The GST regime, having recently celebrated its sixth anniversary, stands as aremarkable achievement in the Indian tax landscape.

Dinesh Thakur & Prashant Reddy T Download
First, Have a Head for Meds -- 25-Aug-23
The generics-only prescription rule does not make sense when quality of drugs remains suspect

Neeraj Kaushal Download
Russia Sanctions-Proof? -- 25-Aug-23
Have Western economic sanctions on Russia failed? GDP growth data since the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2022 and projections from multilateral organisations and Western banks for 2023 and 2024 suggest that they have.

Prakash Chandra Download
Khoya Khoya CHAAND, Khula Aasmaan -- 24-Aug-23
Chandrayaan-3 burnishes ISRO’s reputation for amazing science, done with amazing frugality

Rajiv Kumar & Nikhil Gupta Download
Better Save Than Worry -- 24-Aug-23
In India, there has always been greater attention on investment trends than on savings. For instance, the sharp decline in the investment rate from its peak of 39% of GDP in FY12 to 31% of GDP in FY23 attracted much attention.

Amitabh Kant & Satwik Mishra Download
Our Eye Firmly on AI -- 23-Aug-23
India’s use of technology to turbocharge socioeconomic development is now a globally celebrated phenomenon. Our digital public infrastructure (DPI) interventions have promoted choice, competition…

TV Ramachandran Download
Why Should OTTs Pay? -- 22-Aug-23
On August 14, this page published ‘Netflex Your OTT Muscles’, by V Sridhar, Rohit Prasad and Mansi Kedia. In the piece, the authors argued that OTTs that are large traffic generators (LTGs)…

Abheek Barua & Sakshi Gupta Download
Don’t Bank on Predictions -- 21-Aug-23
Deviations from consensus expectations have rattled both domestic as well as global markets

Krishna S Vatsa Download
Pays to Avoid Disaster -- 21-Aug-23
As countries grow and expand their economies, their risk exposure also increases. Natural disasters can cause massive damage to assets and investments in vulnerable areas.

Anoop Jain & SV Subramanian Download
Don’t Sit on SBM’s Success -- 18-Aug-23
Swachh Bharat Mission 2.0 must ensure access to, and maintenance of, quality toilets for all

Harsh V Pant & Vivek Mishra Download
More Dips After CHIPS -- 18-Aug-23
Last Wednesday marked the first anniversary of the CHIPS and Science Act 2022 ushered by the Joe Biden administration to advance US’ competitive edge vis-à-vis China

Neha Singhal Download
Angrezon ke Zamane ke Jailer -- 17-Aug-23
India’s criminal justice system needs real decolonising, and must go beyond mere textual changes

Sanjeev Sanyal & Aakanksha Arora Download
Exit Biz Minus Hassles -- 17-Aug-23
While attention on economic policy tends to focus on large structural reforms, many required changes tend to be the ‘nuts and bolts’ process reforms.

Seema Sirohi Download
Not a Knockout Punch -- 16-Aug-23
The process of ‘derisking’ the US economy from China is moving slowly, but surely. Last week, President Joe Biden signed a much-awaited executive order to limit and regulate new investment...

V Sridhar, Rohit Prasad & Mansi Kedia Download
Netflex Your OTT Muscles -- 14-Aug-23
LTGs should pay a Broadband Infrastructure Levy proportional to their traffic on the internet

Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay Download
Go Through the Motion -- 14-Aug-23
In a country where cricketing metaphors are routine while talking politics, last week’s debate on the no-confidence motion was analogous to a warm-up game.

Saibal Dasgupta Download
Chinese Port Dumplings -- 10-Aug-23
China is recceing various spots, especially in South Asia, to set up overseas military bases.

Akshay Rout Download
Time For a Clean Sweep -- 10-Aug-23
In July, GoI began Swachh Survekshan (SS) 2023, the world’s largest urban sanitation and cleanliness survey.

Ajay Chhibber Download
Don’t Permit a Licence Raj -- 09-Aug-23
The Narendra Modi government has restricted the import of laptops, tablets, etc, in its effort to support ‘Make in India'.

Prakash Balakrishnan Download
Never Too Big to Fail -- 09-Aug-23
Recently, America's big four banks — JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Citibank — posted excellent results helped by resurging net interest income (NII), accrued from steadily climbing interest rates.

Chintan Vaishnav, Vijay Shekhar Sharma & Rajan Anandan Download
G20fy the Startup Space -- 08-Aug-23
The global economy crossed the $100 trillion mark for the first time in 2022, but it's in a precarious position.

Dhanendra Kumar Download
Flying All Over the Place -- 07-Aug-23
Transport is the lifeline of an economy. Today, India is the third largest aviation market globally, thanks to robust infrastructure, new state-of-the-art airports, multiple airlines, and a large passenger base.

Anil Nair Download
This Cable Remains King -- 04-Aug-23
Rights laws and maintenance can keep critical underwater cables — and the internet - shipshape

KumKum Dasgupta Download
Swinging With the Rain -- 04-Aug-23
The Bundelkhand region, which straddles Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, is one of the worst drought-prone areas of India. Come summer, people are stressed.

Rajan Anandan Download
The World Is Their Oyster -- 03-Aug-23
Earlier this year, Bengalurubased Digantara hitched a ride on SpaceX's Transporter 6 mission to launch a micro-satellite designed to help astronauts and telcos navigate the massive sprawl of space debris orbiting Earth.

Indrajit Hazra Download
Unease of Doing Business -- 03-Aug-23
If there is one thing that India Inc dislikes more than experiencing unease of doing business, it is publicly acknowledging unease of doing business.

Seema Sirohi Download
Getting All Spaced Out -- 02-Aug-23
Imagine this : an Indian astronaut could be at the International Space Station (ISS) in 2024, making history as the first Indian to participate in the world's longest-running programme in space.

Anil Padmanabhan Download
Moving, On Different Strokes -- 01-Aug-23
India is no longer an abjectly poor nation. But it faces an equally compelling challenge: inequality.

R Venkataraman Download
Markets Headed for a Correction? Good Question -- 31-Jul-23
Amid this roaring bull market, I recently met a long-standing broking client in Delhi and guess what? He appeared sad.

Ashok Malik Download
Crystal-Ball Gazing Into '24 -- 31-Jul-23
Where the needle has, and hasn't, shifted prior to the upcoming state polls and the Big One

Dhanendra Kumar Download
Singapore Slingvestments All Over -- 31-Jul-23
India has become the most soughtafter investment destination for Singapore and its government-owned companies like Temasek.

Amar Patnaik Download
Data Dangers, Hasten Safety Belts -- 31-Jul-23
Data goes through different stages and processes before it can be monetised or used for social objectives. This includes data collection, access, storage, processing and analysis.

Ananda Datla Download
Atpadi's Watershed Water Solution -- 25-Jul-23
When you cross Solapur on your way to Mumbai, vast swathes of dry land on either side of the highway are punctuated by parcels of cultivated land.

Lubna Kably Download
HRA to Spouse: Truth or Dare? -- 25-Jul-23
Curiouser and curiouser. One can't help but echo Alice of Wonderland fame after reading various judicial and quasi-judicial decisions relating to allowability of house rent allowance (HRA), in those instances where rent has been paid to a close relative such as spouse or a parent.

Jaideep Khanna Download
Market View of Rates and Asset Prices Disconnected -- 24-Jul-23
The global financial system may have shrugged off the series of banking collapses in the US and Europe earlier this year

Rajesh Shukla Download
Middle Takes Centre Stages -- 24-Jul-23
India's middle class is expanding, thanks to rapid urbanisation. This will reshape the economy

Shantanu Nandan Sharma Download
Don't Let the Manipur Pot Boil Over -- 24-Jul-23
India's Northeast is a melting pot of several ethnic groups with diverse cultures and traditions.

Seema Sirohi Download
Walking the Talk Before Poll Time -- 24-Jul-23
For democracies to deliver, it's their bureaucracies that ultimately must.

Dipankar Bhattacharyya Download
Love in These Craizy Times -- 21-Jul-23
Tech stocks look unstoppable now, especially fuelled by the seven biggest AI-pool companies

Monojit Mazumdar Download
Are You Experienced? -- 21-Jul-23
In B Joseph Pine and James H Gilmore's 1999 book, The Experience Economy, the authors tell us to consider a ‘true commodity': the coffee bean.

Varun Gandhi Download
Not Just a Conservation Point -- 20-Jul-23
With Parliament reconvening today, the amended Forest Bill is up for approval. What of our wildlife?

Neeraj Kaushal Download
Hone Our Healer Instinct -- 20-Jul-23
Medical tourism in India has been growing at a galloping pace. Interestingly, among the top 10 countries from where medical tourists arrive...

Chris West,Rijit Sengupta & Pratibha Baveja Download
G20 Climate Action -- 19-Jul-23
Faced with record heatwaves and biodiversity loss, G20 must urgently consider how to achieve a net-zero world economy and the robust protection of nature.

Bhaswati Mukherjee Download
PM's France Visit: Re-setting of Strategic Manoeuvres -- 18-Jul-23
Indo-French connect brings stability & support to India's presidency of G20 amid intractable Ukraine-Russia conflicts

Prabal Basu Roy Download
Take the Mickey Out of OTT -- 18-Jul-23
Disney, Netflix plummets show the absolute need to tame the industry's pricing and cost beasts

Nikhil Pahwa Download
You Bet It's Still Gambling! -- 17-Jul-23
By taxing real-money gaming at 28% like gambling, GST Council rightly conflates the two sectors

Dharmendra Chandurkar Download
Time to Teach Our Cities to Swim -- 17-Jul-23
Indian cities are increasingly becoming flood-prone. Unfortunately, this is the new normal.

Dhiraj Nayyar Download
Space Exploration Also Lies Below -- 17-Jul-23
Earlier this month, China imposed export controls on the sale of gallium and germanium, two little-known minerals essential for manufacturing semiconductors.

Anil Nair Download
Thank God It's Moonday -- 14-Jul-23
Today's launch of Chandrayaan-3 could be the start of India becoming a serious contender in space

Tushar Gore & Yoav Dori Download
Hack Anti-Ageing Hacks -- 14-Jul-23
The joke is that most people rate public speaking as their No. 1 fear — ahead of death. Public speaking, unlike death, is a problem with a solution.

Laveesh Bhandari Download
More Bang for the CSR Buck -- 13-Jul-23
To make corporate social spending more impactful, change the laws, rules and processes

Indrajit Hazra Download
Remember the Forgotten Punchline -- 13-Jul-23
Milan Kundera's ‘curse' was that he was all the rage in the 1980s as the literary world's poster boy for anticommunism.

Dhanendra Kumar Download
If You're a Platform, Pay -- 13-Jul-23
Today's world is digital, and tech platforms are making the most of it.

Arvind Agarwal Download
How to Survive Death Valley -- 12-Jul-23
Many startups perish due to funds crunch. Impact investment funds can throw them a lifeline

Gurjit Singh Download
Go Beyond the Safari -- 12-Jul-23
India's G20 presidency has reinvigorated its relationship with Africa.

R Jagannathan Download
Your Position, Opposition? -- 10-Jul-23
The Opposition has no compelling story to tell the electorate. It needs one big idea to unite

Manish Maheshwari Download
Will Twitter Be Torn to Threads? -- 10-Jul-23
In social media, the landscape is ever-changing, giving newcomers opportunities to challenge the status quo.

Harsh V Pant & Kalpit Mankikar Download
Hot 'n' Sour to Sweet 'n' Sour -- 10-Jul-23
US treasury secretary Janet Yellen visited China on a four-day trip last week to mend the fraught relationship between two of the world's largest economies.

Shishir Gupta Download
Look Beyond Logistics -- 07-Jul-23
GoI has been relentlessly focusing on improving the country's infrastructure. The share of capex in GDP has been rising gradually from 1. 7% in FY14 to a proposed 3. 3% in FY24.

Pushan Das & Arjit Roshan Download
US-India, Brothers in Arms -- 06-Jul-23
India's indigenous defence capabilities can't be developed in isolation but through partnerships

Seema Sirohi Download
Negative to Affirmative -- 05-Jul-23
This is not a normal court,' President Joe Biden said of the US Supreme Court, and he is right. The court's conservative supermajority has taken a hammer to everything liberal Americans hold sacred — most significantly

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Reap Democratic Dividend -- 12-Jun-23
What Prime Minister Narendra Modi should focus on in his joint address to the US Congress

Akshay Rout Download
Test for Poll Referees and Players -- 12-Jun-23
By ordering another special summary revision of electoral rolls in the five assembly election-bound states later this year

Dhiraj Nim & Khoon Goh Download
Let's Be a Jolly Good Export -- 09-Jun-23
India can emerge as the new export powerhouse if it enhances its foreign trade ecosystem.

Kiren Rijiju Download
India's Blue Economy Sets Sail to Unlock a Sea of Opportunities! -- 08-Jun-23
“For whosoever commands the sea commands the trade; whosoever commands the trade of the world commands the riches of the world, and consequently the world itself,” wrote English adventurer Sir Walter Raleigh in 1829.

Mythili Bhusnurmath Download
RBI, Give It a Rest, Will You? -- 08-Jun-23
The vastly different scenario in which MPC meets this week warrants a rate-hike pause today

Seema Sirohi Download
Rahul G's Big Day Out -- 08-Jun-23
Rahul Gandhi has clearly learnt a few lessons in public diplomacy, if not all. Thousands joined his American yatra from California to New York via Washington to cheer for an ‘inclusive' vision of India.

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Don't Worry, Be HAIppy -- 31-May-23
Disassociate AI from its pop cultural depictions and engage with its actual functioning and limitations.

Prakash Balakrishnan Download
In the Dollar, We Trust? -- 31-May-23
According to the Puranas, Lord Venkateshwara, a. k. a. Balaji, took a large loan from Kuber, the god of wealth, to cover the expenses associated with his marriage to Devi Padmavati.

Jyotsna Puri & Jahan Chowdhury Download
Ride Financing Wind Channels -- 30-May-23
In 2020, $83. 3 billion in climate finance was channelled to developing countries. This fell far short of the sums required to support plans for meeting their climate goals written in their nationally determined contributions (NDCs).

Jagjeet Sareen & Manjeev S Puri Download
Climate Swivel, Be Market-Wise -- 30-May-23
India's Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) 2023 outlines a vision to boost the country's exports of goods and services to $2 trillion by 2030, up from the current $750-odd billion.

Seema Sirohi Download
Modi's Manmohan Moment? -- 29-May-23
This US visit could be as pathbreaking as the one in 2005

Sankar Chakraborti Download
MONOPOLIES -- 29-May-23
Healthy competition and a level playing field are important aspects of amature economy.

Anil Nair Download
Clear and Present DAInger -- 26-May-23
By setting up INDIAai, GoI shows it's serious about having an AI rules framework and regulation

Abhishek Singhvi & Pradeep S Mehta Download
Build a Trade Narrative -- 26-May-23
Despite poor projections on the slowdown in international trade, India has set itself an ambitious target of achieving $2 trillion exports by 2030.

Sonal Varma Aurodeep Nandi Download
Rs.eturn on Investment -- 25-May-23
UPI, static currency use & formalisation will absorb the exaggerated post-death claims of the Rs.2,000 bill

Bibek Debroy, Bjørn Lomborg & Aditya Sinha Download
Don't Postpone Fighting Hunger -- 25-May-23
In a world where the symphony of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) plays a cacophony of unfulfilled promises, the tragedy of global malnutrition and hunger is the dissonant note.

Amitabh Kant Download
Credit to Digital Banks -- 24-May-23
India's fintech sector has been a global bellwether. It attracted $5. 7 billion in funding in 2022 alone, with over 550 startups receiving $25 billion in funding.

Madan Sabnavis Download
USA, Do It Our Way -- 23-May-23
The one thing common among US presidents, whether George W Bush, Barack Obama or Joe Biden, is that they have all had to tackle the issue of debt ceiling — that is, going back to the basics to keep government running.

Omkar Goswami Download
India Has Its Work Cut Out -- 22-May-23
Whichever way you look at the numbers, we're staring at a crisis of jobs that needs tackling ASAP

Hindol Sengupta Download
Up and All Over With Down Under -- 22-May-23
Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to Australia this week underlines the importance of India-Australia ties.

Neeraj Kaushal Download
Track the M-Curve More Closely -- 22-May-23
The Hindu right often argues that India has the second-largest number of Muslims in the world, and their rising numbers is evidence that Muslims aren't doing too badly.

Abheek Barua & Sakshi Gupta Download
But Will It Rise and Shine? -- 19-May-23
A$5 trillion Indian economy is possible. The challenge ahead is to bring growth back up to 7.5%.

Sandip Patel Download
AI-ing Our Businesses -- 19-May-23
Generative artificial intelligence (AI) has created much excitement about the potential of AI applications that is here to stay, and could very well dramatically transform how we live, work and interact.

Anil Padmanabhan Download
How Gas Knocked Out BJP -- 18-May-23
As aspirations of India's electorate grow, inflation is finding new touchpoints with the masses

Anjana Menon Download
DemographAIc Dead End? -- 18-May-23
Nithin Kamath is an outlier. Last week, the founder of Zerodha, the wildly successful trading platform, announced on Twitter that his company now uses artificial intelligence (AI) that could replace some jobs that he is choosing to keep.

Seema Sirohi Download
Modi Goes to America -- 17-May-23
Joe Biden's invitation to Narendra Modi for a ‘state visit' marks an important milestone.

Sanjeev Sanyal & Apurv Mishra Download
Measure for Measure -- 16-May-23
A major irritant for doing business in India is an obscure law called the Legal Metrology Act (LMA) 2009 that deals with metrological standards pertaining to measurement and its application.

Gilles Verniers & Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay Download
Face Karnatik Music -- 15-May-23
The Karnataka verdict shows up the limits of Brand Modi and the possible making of a new opposition space

Aurodeep Nandi Download
Low Growth, Low Inflation Ahoy -- 15-May-23
Lenin had famously said there are decades when nothing happens, and then there are weeks when decades happen. Be it Russian streets or financial ones, when cycles turn for the worse, economic data tend to deteriorate quite rapidly.