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Somnath Mukherjee Download
A Manufactured Straw Man -- 17-Jun-24
Manufacturing isn't about jobs but key to balancing trade deficits securing geopolitical security.

Atul Tiwari Download
Time to Reskill the Skilling Plan -- 17-Jun-24
Countries with advanced skilling eco-systems integrate national priorities and industry initiatives through a collaborative framework.

Rahul Pandita Download
We Don't Need 'Israel-Type Solution' -- 17-Jun-24
You must have seen it on TV or on social media - a group of school girls visibly in distress, hyperventilating and crying.

Samidha Sharma Download
Bets Spread Beyond Tech -- 14-Jun-24
A big trend in venture investing is emerging, something that’s been simmering for a few years now in the post-Covid era.

Ateesh Tankha & Syagnik Banerjee Download
Don't Sleep with the Fishes -- 14-Jun-24
Strong ex ante laws can prevent Big Tech dominance, protect privacy and ensure fair competition

Chetan Ahya Download
Big Plate of Supply-Side Up -- 13-Jun-24
Economies can’t redistribute their way to prosperity, only growth will lift people out of poverty

Sanjeev Krishan Download
Now, Here’s an India Plan -- 13-Jun-24
With a 7%-plus GDP growth rate for the third consecutive year in FY24, India sits on the cusp of advancement while facing several challenges.

Rajeev Kher & Anshuman Gupta Download
Global Standards with FTAs -- 12-Jun-24
India recently concluded a trade and economic partnership agreement (TEPA) with European Free Trade Association (EFTA), a group comprising Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

Anand Vasu Download
Run, USA, Run, Between The Wickets -- 11-Jun-24
A change of process is needed for Americans beyond expats and PIOs to actually take to cricket.

Nupur Garg Download
PE-VC Sector’s Laapataa Ladies -- 11-Jun-24
A heartwarming narrative nestled in India’s hinterlands, the underlying message of Kiran Rao’s latest film Laapataa Ladies that’s been grabbing national attention is the significance of a woman’s self-realisation and selfidentity subtly setting in.

Aditya Sinha Download
Miss the Hows, Whys for the Whats? -- 11-Jun-24
AI is increasingly enhancing the speed and scope of discoveries by helping in hypothesis generation, experimental design and analysis of large datasets.

Saibal Dasgupta Download
The World's Now Oysterer -- 10-Jun-24
A coalition gov representing wider political opinion will add to India's geopolitical heft, not reduce it.

Neeraj Kaushals Download
Less Disliked Will Win -- 07-Jun-24
Americans are saddled with two inglorious presidential candidates: Joe Biden and Donald Trump

Indrajit Hazra Download
Not Just Chaukas & Chhakkas -- 06-Jun-24
After two Lok Sabha iterations, multiplayer politics on the national level gets its mojo back

Somnath Mukherjee Download
New Gov, Up Demand -- 06-Jun-24
As a new government is formed, India’s economic backdrop couldn’t look better. 8.2% GDP estimates exceed most estimates.

Politics may be Fluid, but Economics is Still Solid. Time to be Somewhat Greedy -- 05-Jun-24
Inequity investing, it’s very important to cut out the noise. On Tuesday, after considering the election results, the Nifty tanked almost 6%.

Back to Basics in Uncertain Times; Quality to Outperform Momentum -- 05-Jun-24
The election outcome has come against the market and exit polls estimates.

Macro Policy Choices Unclear, But Work Cut Out on Reforms Agenda -- 05-Jun-24
Domestic competition another focus area for sustained growth

India Has Come a Long Way From Fragile 5 Days, Time to Race Ahead -- 05-Jun-24
Today’s Indian economy has solid foundations. Balance sheets are clean; business confidence is high; supply-side reforms are progressing and fundamentals are in a good shape.

Bharati Chaturvedi & Anshu Sharma Download
Listen to This Heat Speech -- 04-Jun-24
With not a word throughout the polls on tackling extreme heat, here are some ‘campaign’ suggestions.

Jamas Hodivala & Chirag Naik Download
Trans-Europe Express -- 04-Jun-24
India’s economic growth and expanding role in global trade, exemplified by its recent free trade deal with the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), are significant opportunities for trade with the EU.

Mythili Bhusnurmath Download
Now, Bat On a Great Wicket -- 03-Jun-24
Whichever way you cut it, the economy’s booming and is a welcome gift for the incoming gov.

Seema Sirohi Download
Pill for China Plus One -- 03-Jun-24
It’s been four years since the pandemic hit and jolted awake the world to its over-dependence on China for all manner of things, most crucially, medical supplies.

Kiran Karnik Download
HURRY, While We’re Still Young! -- 30-May-24
India’s producing far fewer kids — we need to quickly make the best use of our working-age population.

Alok Kumar & Balaji Chandramouli Download
Overheating Electricity -- 30-May-24
With temperatures reaching record levels in many parts of India, GoI has instructed idling power plants to crank up operations to cope with the impending increase in electricity demand.

S K Pathak Download
Raise a Glass to the Job Creators -- 29-May-24
In a recent interview, Narendra Modi reiterated the need to encourage business and not demonise it.

Govind Bhattacharjee Download
Don’t Eat the Rich, It’ll Hurt the Rest -- 29-May-24
On May 24, Thomas Piketty’s World Inequality Lab released a follow-up note to its earlier published paper, ‘Income and Wealth Inequality in India, 1922-2023: The Rise of the BillionaireRaj’.

Madan Sabnavis Download
More Gold for Their Buck -- 28-May-24
Central banks are moving over to the yellow metal to de-dollarise and tackle global uncertainty

Anil Padmanabhan Download
XX Chromosome Factor -- 28-May-24
Regardless of what happens next Tuesday when votes are tallied, the standout trend in the still ongoing general election will be the role of women voters in influencing the outcome.

Ashok Malik Download
Viksit Elections, Bharat? -- 27-May-24
Onus is on EC, and incoming government, to make voting, polling, electioneering less harrowing

Gopal Srinivasan Download
C'mon, You Can Get Your AIF Cert! -- 27-May-24
In a May 13 circular, Sebi mandated that ‘at least one key personnel’ on the investment team of the ‘manager of an alternative investment fund (AIF)’ should have NISM (National Institute of Securities Market) certification by passing the NISM Series-XIX-C exam.

Subhrakant Panda Download
Your First 100 Days To-Do List, Gov -- 27-May-24
The 18th Lok Sabha polls are almost done and dusted. A new government will be in place once results are declared on June 4.

Ateesh Tankha & Syagnik Banerjee Download
Enable With Our Own Cable -- 24-May-24
India must loosen the cords tying it too tightly to the pervasive influence of global Big Tech.

Rohit Kumar Singh Download
Protection from AI's Echo Chamber -- 24-May-24
The news of Scarlett Johansson suing OpenAI, creator of ChatGPT-4o, for allegedly replicating her voice without consent, has amplified a growing global concern: who owns our voices in the age of AI?

Soumya Kanti Ghosh Download
Ladies at the Head of the Lines -- 24-May-24
The first five phases of the 7-phase voting in the 18th Lok Sabha elections are done, with the 6th phase tomorrow.

Anil Nair Download
A Techtronic Shift's Coming -- 23-May-24
India's electronic manufacturing service industry is humming - now to stick to the fight path.

Nirmal Jain Download
Another Feather in India's Mcap -- 23-May-24
India has achieved a significant milestone, with its market capitalisation crossing the $5 tn mark on Tuesday, tripling in a decade of robust reforms and economic progress.

Lubna Kably Download
Making Independence Count -- 23-May-24
Sebi recently fined two independent directors (IDs) — a retired air vice marshal and a physical therapist — ?10 lakh each for failing to fulfil their statutory duties as members of their companies’ audit committee, and for not safeguarding interests of shareholders.

Siddharth Shah & Deep Shah Download
Fund Pool, More AIFs Than Buts -- 22-May-24
The year is 2015 and the budget speech has just concluded. There is jubilation on Dalal Street.

Seema Sirohi Download
Of More Import Than Just a Port -- 22-May-24
Connectivity is key to meeting, and potentially beating, the competition in a contested world. Countries are doing what they must to create new corridors for commerce.

Manish Sabharwal & Kartik Narayan Download
No Quota, Reform Salary -- 21-May-24
Indira Gandhi would have been amused by Rahul Gandhi's recent comment at an election rally that Congress will use legislation to breach the 50% quota cap if it's voted into office.

Saibal Dasgupta Download
Get Bullish in a China Shop -- 20-May-24
India will have to find ways to reduce India Inc’s over-reliance on a belligerent neighbour.

Karthik Kondepudi Download
Stop Cos Stretching the Truth -- 20-May-24
Recently, Patanjali found itself under the scanner of regulatory bodies and Supreme Court in the context of dodgy advertising practices.

Akshay Rout Download
Turnout's Turning Out All Right -- 20-May-24
In the 17 Lok Sabha elections starting from 1951, turnout went past 60% only on seven occasions, of which the 65% mark was crossed only in 2014 and 2019.

Amit Kapoor Download
Not Just a One-Horse Town -- 17-May-24
Empower the opposition to become active political participants.

Pradeep S Mehta & Amit Dasgupta Download
Oz One Out for Students -- 17-May-24
On May 11, Australia announced that it plans to introduce legislation to set an allocation for the maximum number of new international student enrolments education providers can offer.

Ashok Malik Download
The Last Old-Style Election? -- 16-May-24
Digitalisation of society and political communication suggests another future for how India votes.

Jaspreet Bindra Download
Google's Distributing AI Pixie Dust -- 16-May-24
In the good old days, when Microsoft was The Enemy, it had an EEE strategy — embrace, extend and extinguish.

Harsh V Pant & Prithvi Gupta Download
Chabahar, Port of a Smart Call -- 16-May-24
Earlier this week, India and Iran signed a 10-year development and operation contract for Chabahar Port in southeastern Iran, on the Gulf of Oman.

Amitabh Kant & Ajit Pai Download
Urbanisation = Growth -- 15-May-24
Since 1947, India has reluctantly traversed the path of urbanisation, largely due to its predominantly agriculturedependent rural population.

Madhavan Narayanan Download
Our Malls Need to Be Melas -- 14-May-24
With online retail increasingly the default option, offline shopping needs to be far more experiential

Ashish Gupta Download
Connoisseur of Quantity -- 14-May-24
James Harris Simons, founder of Renaissance Technologies, was a pioneer of quantitative investing (QI) across asset classes.

Harsh Mariwala & Tatwamasi Dixit Download
How to Bring In the Outsider -- 13-May-24
Combine intuition with data-driven processes for hiring professionals

Ludovic Subran Download
No More Business Class? -- 13-May-24
For all the indignation that Donald Trump’s policy pronouncements often generate, European business leaders don’t seem much concerned about the prospect of another Trump presidency. Some even view it optimistically.

Neeraj Kaushal Download
Does It Pay to Poll Dance? -- 10-May-24
While money matters in Indian elections, it's no guarantee for victory

Anil Nair Download
This AI Tide Ain't Ebbing -- 10-May-24
The biggest takeaway of Stanford University’s AI Index Report 2024 is that AI has surpassed human performance on several benchmarks.

Abheek Barua & Sakshi Gupta Download
World Wide Tangled Web -- 09-May-24
If private investment and consumption are the next growth engines, will lower interest rates help?

Ateesh Tankha Download
Vietnam in Palestine -- 09-May-24
A spectre is haunting America — the spectre of Palestine. A few powers that be have entered into an uneasy alliance to exorcise it: Republicans and Democrats; tycoons and professionals; public figures and masked thugs aided or ignored by the police.

Satarupa Bhattacharjya Download
So, What’s in China’s Renames? -- 08-May-24
China has been giving names to, and drawing maps of, places it claims sovereignty over - on land and in water.

Seema Sirohi Download
Gaffer, or Channelling Inner Joe? -- 08-May-24
Was it a gaffe, or the essence of Joe Biden’s innermost feelings about India that rise to the surface every now and then, despite strict controls and constant monitoring?

Rohit K Singh Download
Don't Fall for AI-Washing -- 07-May-24
India’s consumer market is a thrilling gold rush. Tech-savvy citizens with rising incomes are snapping up the latest gadgets and services, eager to embrace a smarter future.

Mythili Bhusnurmath Download
Ring-fenced From Rajniti -- 06-May-24
RBI’s independence from political pressures ensures economic stability during and after polls

Amit Garg, Saritha Sudharmma Vishwanathan & R B Grover Download
For Clear Air, Go Nuclear -- 06-May-24
Globally, nuclear energy will play an important role in decarbonising and achieving net-zero targets.

Somnath Mukherjee Download
Take Those Blinkers Off -- 03-May-24
Prioritise data-driven analysis, not polemics, to guide discussions on income and wealth inequality

Ateesh Tankha & Syagnik Banerjee Download
WhatsUp, ShadowBoxers? -- 02-May-24
Are Meta and GoI really tussling over encryption? Or are we watching covert mutualism at play?

Atanu Biswas Download
No, Not UBIquitous Yet -- 02-May-24
A day after International Labour Day, imagine if all citizens received a monthly payment from the government, with no strings attached.

Sensex at 150,000 by 2029: The Ultimate Compounding Machine -- 10-Apr-24
The Dalal Street benchmark doubled to 75,000 in under five years supported by the trinity of flows, sentiments and fundamentals.

Prakash Balakrishnan Download
Time to Let Loose NR Rs. -- 09-Apr-24
There comes a stage in everyone’s life when one must choose between the safety of home and excitement of the world outside.

Shivaji Dasgupta Download
Isn't This Brand Fratricide? -- 08-Apr-24
It’s incredulous Tatas didn’t anticipate Vistara’s response, providing fodder for conspiracy theory.

Siddharth Shah Download
Better Late Than Never -- 01-Apr-24
After keeping the AIF industry on tenterhooks since its circular of December 19, 2023, addressing the issue of ‘evergreening’ by regulated entities (REs) using AIF structures.

Jay V Ojha Download
Don’t Resurrect Death Tax -- 28-Mar-24
Last week, there was much consternation when filings revealed that N R Narayana Murthy had gifted his grandson ?240 cr worth of Infosys shares.

Seema Sirohi Download
Why US Allows Pak Double Games -- 27-Mar-24
Where does Pakistan figure these days in the US scheme of things? Yes, it remains important, but for all the wrong reasons

Rita McGrath & M Muneer Download
Gig Workers Aren’t Bots -- 26-Mar-24
Platform workers of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your algorithmic chains

Prashant Maheshwari & Chandresh Ruparel Download
SAHI Jawab for Insurance -- 26-Mar-24
India’s insurance industry is transforming rapidly, with health insurance driving this shift. Irdai’s decisions have been customer-centric, moving from a rule-based to a principle-based regime.

Boria Majumdar Download
Who'll Win Election vs IPL? -- 22-Mar-24
The tournament will be vying with India’s biggest ‘game’ over the next two months starting today

Zohra Calcuttawala Download
WORLD WATER DAY -- 22-Mar-24
Acute water shortage is a fact of life in most Indian cities. Bengaluru’s dire water crisis is just another drop in the bucket of apocalyptic stories of water stress.

Anil Padmanabhan Download
eVROOM, eVROOM, TESLA -- 21-Mar-24
The new EV policy is a boon for the sector and aligns perfectly with India’s net-zero ambition

Dhanendra Kumar Download
Big Tech, Don’t Be a Big Brother -- 21-Mar-24
On March 15, CCI ordered an investigation into Google’s Play Store billing policies, saying that the tech giant has prima facie violated the Competition Act.

Harsh V Pant Download
In the Court of Ra-Ra-Tsar Putin -- 20-Mar-24
Vladimir Putin is on a roll. Again. He has won another landslide victory in what can be called ‘democratic elections with Russian characteristics’, gaining his fifth term in office as prez.

Vaibhav Choukse Download
Go Easy With the Digital Lasso -- 20-Mar-24
The draft Digital Competition Bill (DCB), a groundbreaking legislation aimed at establishing a level playing field in the digital ecosystem, is causing unease in the tech sector.

Subimal Bhattacharjee Download
How is Election Commission preparing for the new challenge of the Misinformation Monster?

Akshay Rout Download
Polls, Put the Kettle On -- 19-Mar-24
India is already off to a start for its 18th general elections, with the recent appointment of two new election commissioners

Ashok Malik Download
Where the Fin ger Points -- 18-Mar-24
Post-polls, expect economic transformation and overhaul of the citizen-state interface.

Pranjul Bhandari Download
Streaming Investments into India -- 18-Mar-24
There's a mystery afoot : India is rising on the world stage, and its engagement in terms of market share in global trade has also been on the rise.

Manish Sabharwal & Ramesh A Reddy Download
Plug Skills to Financing Skills -- 18-Mar-24
Amartya Sen hasn’t been happy with India lately. But he’s surely smiling at the diminishing ‘son preference’ in Haryana and UP, which were significant contributors to the 100 million missing girls in Asia he insightfully flagged decades ago.

Nikhil Pahwa Download
AI regulation must be more nuanced than set out in GOI's half-baked advisory.

Neeraj Kaushal Download
Ujjwala Burning Bright? -- 15-Mar-24
On March 7, GOI announced the extension of Rs.300 per LPG cylinder subsidy to poor women under PM Ujjwala Scheme.

Gauri Puranik Download
Speak in Many Tongues -- 14-Mar-24
In an era of unparalleled connectivity and diverse global interactions, language education is a critical cornerstone in preparing a versatile and adept workforce.

Seema Sirohi Download
'They Love Us, They...' -- 13-Mar-24
Calculations, compromises and caveats are normal stuff of diplomacy. And weighing them correctly at any given time is high skill. While a serious mistake can be managed, ripples it sends through the system are not as easily contained.

Jai Arjun Singh Download
This year’s Oscar winners showcase the creative process — in art, science and relationships

Ateesh Tankha Download
Choice Isn’t Always the Best Option -- 12-Mar-24
What a difference a preposition makes. An RBI directive slated to go live on September 6 will transfer the privilege of choosing a card network — Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club or RuPay

Poonam Gupta Download
How to Pull Out of the Trap -- 11-Mar-24
What can Bihar, with per-capita income 30% of national average, do to shed its low-income status?

Jan Christian Vestre Download
A Vinner Takes-It-All Agreement -- 11-Mar-24
How can Norway join India in its strides towards the future, contribute to its ambitious climate goals, learn from the Indian story and knowledge, and, at the same time, bring Norway’s experience and expertise to this vast landscape?

Rajiv Kumar & Jay Dev Dubey Download
Make It a Monetisation Nation -- 11-Mar-24
GoI's focus on raising capex, indicative of its commitment to remedying infra and energy deficit, is noteworthy.

Seema Sirohi Download
Which Gramp’ll Be Champ? -- 07-Mar-24
After Super Boring Tuesday, Americans wait to be swayed by, and away from, prez’n’ex-prez

Rajyasree Sen Download
Surviving Mega-Meta-Meltdown -- 07-Mar-24
Something terrible happened the other night. On Tuesday night around 9, users found themselves logged out and locked out of their Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Lubna Kably Download
Alarm Those Profiteers? -- 06-Mar-24
It was widely perceived that the antiprofiteering mechanism set up under the GST regime was an initial nudge aimed to ensure that companies passed on the ‘benefit’ — be it a fall in tax rates, or an enhanced input tax credit —arising from the GST roll-out to the end consumer by way of commensurate reduction in prices.

Jay Vinayak Ojha Download
Don't Lead Us to the AItar -- 05-Mar-24
Instead of hyperventilating, hyper-regulating, GoI & users mustn’t have unrealistic expectations

Pradeep S Mehta Download
Let's Move Après Abu Dhabi -- 05-Mar-24
The recently concluded WTO MC13 in Abu Dhabi would have collapsed like the 1999 Seattle and 2003 Cancun rounds had it not been for WTO director general Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, and GoI trade minister Piyush Goyal.

Indu Bhushan Download
Make Population Problem -- 04-Mar-24
With India’s demography evolving, devise robust policies to harness its potential and attain Viksit Bharat

Balram Singh Yadav Download
We Can Oil Palm It Off -- 04-Mar-24
With 1 hectare of oil palm plantation producing up to 8 times more than any other leading oilseed crop, economic benefits of cultivating the plant

Sanjeev Krishan Download
Continuity’s the Name of the Game -- 05-Feb-24
Continuity of policies is a characteristic of a mature economy.

Dhanendra Kumar & Navneet Sharma Download
Not Complete Without Competition -- 05-Feb-24
Competition is the life force of a market economy.

Deepak Mishra Download
GoI, G20fy for Reforms -- 24-Jan-24
'If Prime Minister Modi can get all the G20 leaders to agree to the communiqué in the midst of a raging war and unprecedented geopolitical fragmentation, why can’t he get similar consensus for his economic reform agenda at home?’ aG20 delegate innocently asked, as the New Delhi G20 Summit in September was reaching its climax.

Ateesh Tankha & Syagnik Banerjee Download
OpenAI and Its Discontents -- 19-Jan-24
To tackle content from being exploited & compromised by AI, countries must enact protective laws

Varun Gandhi Download
Prick the Inflation Balloon -- 19-Jan-24
India’s inflation was between 5.5-6.4% in December 2023, led by a spike in food prices that averaged 5.4% in Q3 FY23.

Anjuli Bhargava Download
Time We Have the Foggiest -- 18-Jan-24
Arsenal for this annual war needs urgent beefing up so that Dec 2023-Jan 2024 isn’t repeated

Seema Sirohi Download
See Ya, Mr Ambassador -- 17-Jan-24
Farewells are never easy. But as H W Longfellow wrote, ‘Great is the art of beginning, but greater is the art of ending.’ India’s ambassador Taranjit Singh Sandhu ends his tenure with a slate of successes not easily matched, and a list of friends hard to duplicate.

Anil Nair Download
Handle AI's Toxic Creativity -- 16-Jan-24
The technology is obviously useful — but it's vital to know, and fix, the dangers it can pose.

Madan Sabnavis Download
Spur a Deposit Boom -- 16-Jan-24
The concept of external benchmark lending rate (EBLR), which helps in faster transmission of repo rate changes, is unique to India.

Amarjeet Sinha Download
Addressing Inequality Through Quality Public Systems, Goods -- 15-Jan-24
It is time to make macro data reflect in micro realities of every household through higher incomes and productivity; compromises with environment can never lead to happier lives.

Harsh V Pant Download
Taiwan Talks Strait -- 15-Jan-24
Democracy is a powerful instrument to underscore the illegitimacy of authoritarian nations.

Vivek Singh & Aashish Chandorkar Download
Viksit Bharat's Key Element Will Be a Strong Middleware -- 11-Jan-24
The term ‘Viksit Bharat’ conjures up discussions on economic definitions and terminologies, with focus on GDP.

Sumeysh Srivastava Download
Let's Keep the Lines Clear -- 11-Jan-24
The Telecommunications Bill 2023, which was passed in December, has had mixed reactions.

Indrani Bagchi Download
Be a Shelter from the Storm -- 26-Dec-23
With the world in a flux, India should take a stab at defining this beast called ‘rules-based order’

Ajay Piramal & Debopam Chaudhuri Download
NBFCs, Keep This Spare Tyre Handy -- 26-Dec-23
FCs have been integral to India’s formal credit system since Independence, complementing banks in distributing credit.

Anjana Menon Download
Still Wrestling With Our Demons -- 26-Dec-23
Giving up on a year-long battle for justice against an alleged sexual predator, India’s top wrestler and an Olympic medallist, Sakshi Malik, hung up her boots last week in disgust.

Bibek Debroy & Aditya Sinha Download
Big Scoop of a Big Spoon -- 25-Dec-23
Leverage Big Data to improve logistic efficiency — it’ll cut costs, unclog chokepoints, boost productivity

Prashant Singhal Download
Telecom Bill, 2023 -- 25-Dec-23
The Telecommunications Bill 2023 is astep in the right direction. One of the most anticipated outcomes of the new Act is the provision for administrative assignment of spectrum for satellite services.

Mike Bloomberg, NChandrasekaran & Shemara Wikramanayake Download
PPPlanetary Rescue Mission -- 01-Dec-23
Public-private partnerships are the way to go for real climate action beyond good intentions

Prakash Balakrishnan Download
It’s America, Stupid! -- 30-Nov-23
Winston Churchill famously called Russia ‘a riddle wrapped in mystery inside an enigma’. Economists studying the data flows from the US may be tempted to borrow the phrase to describe the US economy.

Anil Padmanabhan Download
Precious, Tricky Spots -- 29-Nov-23
Earlier this month, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) released its Emissions Gap Report 2023.

Kunal Bahl Download
Dear Adventure Capitalists -- 28-Nov-23
A few observations—tips, if you will—for early-stage startup investors to cherry-pick wisely

Dhiraj Nayyar Download
GoI, KoBoldly Forward -- 28-Nov-23
GoI is working hard to attract Elon Musk’s Tesla to invest in India. It is a worthwhile exercise to court a company that is at the cutting edge of electric vehicles and associated technologies like batteries and energy storage.

Manisha Girotra Download
Eminent Rise of M&As -- 27-Nov-23
India’s corporate terrain is undergoing asignificant transformation as Indian conglomerates drive M&A activity, a field traditionally dominated by MNCs and PE firms.

Rajesh Shukla Download
Destabilise the Pyramid -- 24-Nov-23
Welfare delivery has improved vastly. Yet, there remain many who need pulling out of the bottom tier

Raj S Joshi Download
Keep DigiWolves at Bay -- 24-Nov-23
Cyfirma’s India Threat Landscape Report 2023, released earlier this month, has warnings for the country’s cybersecurity framework:

Mudar Patherya Download
Sad, But Not Ahmedabad -- 23-Nov-23
Compared to the likes of Kolkata's Eden Gardens, Motera's spectators were downright civil

Arpit Chug Download
Rule of 40, for IPO Investor Looks -- 22-Nov-23
BSE data reveal that India witnessed 92 IPOs this year. More than 25 companies submitted their draft IPO papers to Sebi in the third quarter.

Seema Sirohi Download
When Xi Went All Xmiley Face -- 22-Nov-23
Last week’s US-China summit was designed for limited results. Joe Biden met Xi Jinping for four hours outside San Francisco, took a stroll and seemed to make nice.

Get Your Investment Frameworks Right to Beat the Market -- 21-Nov-23
There was a time in my equity investing journey when all I knew was Price = EPS × P/E. Thus, the lower the P/E of a stock, the more attractive it is. This was in the early ’80s.

Shailesh Chandra Download
Air pollution is an India-wide problem. A recent World Bank policy research paper has found that rising air pollution reduces India’s year-on-year GDP growth by 0.56 percentage points.

Manish Maheshwari Download
Control+AItman+Delete? -- 20-Nov-23
The OpenAI CEO’s ouster has consequences for AI’s future in general, in India in particular

V Anantha Nageswaran, Chandni Raina & Geetu Joshi Download
How to Line Up the SDG Money -- 20-Nov-23
Sustainable development is essential not only for the well-being of future generations and preservation of ecosystems but also to meet the aspirations of the present generation.

Anand Vasu Download
To Fight Another One-Day -- 20-Nov-23
ODI cricket is dead. Long live ODIs. This has been the refrain off and on for months leading into the ICC World Cup in India.

Soumya Kanti Ghosh Download
Mis-Employ Jobs Data? -- 17-Nov-23
According to the latest Periodic Labour Force Survey (PLFS), India’s unemployment rate revealed a big decline from 6.1% in 2018 to 3.2% in 2023.

Neeraj Kaushal Download
Aliens from another world must think Delhiites to be on a suicide mission

Sanjeev Sanyal & Apurv Kumar Mishra Download
Let’s Make Mediation Voluntary -- 15-Nov-23
Mediation is a procedure where a neutral intermediary helps parties reach amutually satisfactory settlement in adispute.

Chidanand Rajghatta Download
Anathema Towards Anthems? -- 15-Nov-23
So, it’s down to four national anthems in the World Cup, with India, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand making it to the semis.

Cos Should be Open with Investors, It Pays -- 13-Nov-23
Daniel Kahneman was a psychologist in the Israeli Army in his early days and later won the Nobel Prize in economics for his unique ability to integrate psychological insights into economics.

Gilles Verniers Download
Window Blocking the View -- 13-Nov-23
Electoral bonds have created the illusion that political funding in India has become somewhat clean

Meyyappan Nagappan & DS Jaya Prakash Babu Download
PSUs, Green Champions? -- 13-Nov-23
The Paris Agreement set an ambitious but necessary goal of limiting the global average temperature between 1.5°C and 2°C above the pre-industrial levels by 2030.

Harsh Mariwala & Tatwamasi Dixit Download
The Original Joint Venture -- 10-Nov-23
Family businesses are unique — to thrive, balance harmony and aspirations

Rahul Basu Download
Secure GenNext Future -- 10-Nov-23
Intergenerational equity requires us to ensure that future generations inherit at least as much as we did. Traditionally, land has been an intergenerational asset.

Mudar Patherya Download
The Republic of Team India -- 09-Nov-23
The Indian cricket team’s secular capacity to be good may be its biggest, under-celebrated achievement

Ramesh Chand & Ram Singh Download
Tech Beyond Tractors -- 09-Nov-23
Agriculture’s share in global GDP has been increasing since the 2007-09 global financial crisis.

Seema Sirohi Download
The Do Aur Do Punch -- 08-Nov-23
A powerful message will go out this week when US secretaries of state and defence travel to India to meet their counterparts for the 2+2 dialogue.

Kushagra Srivastava & Sreeja Kundu Download
War Against the Airy-Fairy -- 07-Nov-23
To fight air pollution, have a tech-enabled emission-accounting system for all major emitters

Ashima Goyal Download
India on a Fiscal Fitness Regime -- 07-Nov-23
Last month’s Kautilya Economic Conclave strangely had a number of speakers giving the finance ministry lectures on reducing high debt and deficit ratios.

Mythili Bhusnurmath Download
RBI, Stick to Your Knitting -- 06-Nov-23
The central bank will do far more for climate change by tackling inflation than taking on GoI's remit

Romal Shetty & Shailesh Tyagi Download
Beyond the ABC of ESG -- 06-Nov-23
The sustainability landscape has undergone a remarkable transformation in the past few years, extending far beyond its conventional definitions and practices.

Leena Srivastava Download
Turn Now, the Light’s Green -- 03-Nov-23
GoI must set up an empowered authority reporting to PMO to oversee India’s energy transition

Ateesh Tankha & Ganga Narayan Rath Download
eRs.-W, Hunt a Chimaera? -- 03-Nov-23
In November 2022, India rolled out wholesale central bank digital currencies (CBDC-W), a central bank digital counteraction to cryptocurrencies arising from a fear that these private virtual currencies could disrupt monetary policy and destabilise markets.

Neelkanth Mishra Download
When DMs Become Ems -- 02-Nov-23
Rising US rates and treasury yields are affecting cross-border capital flows

Sahil Kanuga & Maulin Salvi Download
G-Force of Startups -- 02-Nov-23
In the ever-evolving landscape of venture capitalism, one constant remains: pursuit of the next big thing.

Vivek Johri Download
Ensuring All Systems Are Cargo -- 31-Oct-23
With the signing of the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) in 2017, trade facilitation in the context of customs and border procedures has been moving at a fast clip.

Dhiraj Nayyar Download
Line & Length on Growth, Not ’Flation -- 31-Oct-23
In its relentless fight against inflation, has the world dropped the ball on growth?

Girish Punjabi Download
World’s Game for Business -- 30-Oct-23
Investors everywhere want a piece of the cricket action, as value creation picks up runs

Praveen Chakravarty Download
India Inc, Confront Caste -- 30-Oct-23
Readers of this newspaper may find it difficult to discuss caste. The corporate sector rightly considers itself a meritocracy that looks at people only through their ability and not identity.

Arnie Guha Download
India, Go for World-Broker -- 27-Oct-23
Alliance-forming has shifted from evangelical to trust-based, to New Delhi’s geopolitical advantage

Dinesh Kanabar Download
Double Taxation Trouble -- 27-Oct-23
One of the pillars of cross-border trade are tax treaties, agreements to avoid double taxation between two countries.

Kiran Karnik Download
Before We Get Breathing Space -- 26-Oct-23
Instead of sending humans to space, why not send less risky, cheaper AI-powered robots?

Madan Sabnavis/Suranjali Tandon Download
GREEN FINANCE -- 26-Oct-23
Give the Market A Green Signal

Ashok Malik Download
Bridge Over Troubled Water -- 25-Oct-23
How India’s role in West Asia plays out will have an enormous impact on its external strategy.

Abheek Barua Download
Double Double Toil 'n' Trouble -- 24-Oct-23
Economic policymakers need a new playbook to tackle unexpected shocks.

Neeraj Kaushal Download
Does Israel Need US Aid? -- 24-Oct-23
America’s response to Hamas’ attack on Israeli civilians is a farcical tragedy.

Seema Sirohi Download
Joe Biden’s show of solidarity with Israel while acknowledging the plight of Palestinians is wise

Anil Padmanabhan Download
Weathering the Storms -- 20-Oct-23
On October 7, Hamas launched an unprecedented assault on Israel. The strike was akin to what India witnessed on November 26, 2008, in Mumbai.

Duvvuri Subbarao Download
For a Fi$tful of Non-Dollars -- 19-Oct-23
There’s much dollar resentment, but politics and economics hobble BRICS common currency plans

Krishna Srinivasan Download
Keep the Game Face On -- 19-Oct-23
Strong consumer spending has supported growth across most of Asia in 2023.

Vikram Doctor Download
Left Standing at the Altar -- 18-Oct-23
India+ has come a long way since a scornful verdict designed to drive people back into the closet

Harsh V Pant & Aditya Gowdara Shivamurthy Download
Lanka No More Game -- 17-Oct-23
On October 11, the Sri Lankan government confirmed that it had completed its debt-restructuring negotiations worth $4.2 billion with the Export Import

Manish Banthia Download
Economic Stability or Defending Dollar? US Fed Has a Tough Task -- 16-Oct-23
In the world of finance, the delicate balance between interest rates, economic growth, and global currency dynamics often holds the key to stability or turmoil.

Anand Vasu Download
When Fans Got So Fanatic -- 16-Oct-23
A voluble proportion of India’s cricket spectatorship has something unsavoury in its kit.

Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay Download
Five Statements of Intent -- 12-Oct-23
With a Mandal vs Kamandal 2.0 thrown into the mix, these polls will test the efficacy of the Modi cult.

Sujeet Kumar & Saksham Malik Download
Tweak It to Our Needs -- 12-Oct-23
On Tuesday, GoI announced the extension of the term of the Committee on Digital Competition Law (CDCL) until October 31.

Seema Sirohi Download
A Canadian Nip in the Air -- 11-Oct-23
The US is caught between a treaty ally and a strategic partner at a time when Israel needs it most.

Dhanendra Kumar Download
BRICS, the Mortar of Competition -- 11-Oct-23
Competition is the life force of an inclusive economy. Fair competition ensures consumer welfare, a level playing field and sustained economic growth.

Ajay Chhibber Download
From Billions to Trillions -- 11-Oct-23
A central focus of the ongoing World Bank-IMF meetings in earthquakehit Marrakech, Morocco, is progress on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Nicoline de Haan & Himanshu Pathak Download
Level Playing Farmland -- 10-Oct-23
This is India’s moment on the world stage. With the successful completion of its G20 presidency and significant strides towards ‘One Earth, One Family, One Future’, India has made internationally recognised progress toward strong, balanced, sustainable and inclusive growth to safeguard the future of people and the planet.

Rajiv Kumar & Harshvardhan Singh Download
Raising India’s share in global exports is key for growth and employment generation

Anant Merathia Download
Getting a Second Chance -- 09-Oct-23
Indians run businesses on trust, good faith, wisdom and sectoral competence.

Deepro Guha Download
Need to Algo the Distance -- 06-Oct-23
Have you ever found yourself endlessly scrolling through social media, wondering why you can’t stop?

Subimal Bhattacharjee & Ambuj Sahu Download
India-US Tech-Tocking -- 06-Oct-23
Amid speculation that India’s diplomatic fallout with Canada could dent India-US relations, recent developments suggest that India and the US are back to business as usual.

Indrajit Hazra Download
A New Appleonian Design -- 04-Oct-23
Apple’s latest push towards planetary ethics-aesthetics is powerful brand-positioning at work.

Ateesh Tankha Download
Reckless to Be Cashless -- 03-Oct-23
What happens when Big Government, Big Tech and Big Finance unite to wage arelentless war on cash? In parts of the developed world.

Ajay Sood Download
Gain Gyan Through Vigyan -- 29-Sep-23
Don't look for science advice only during emergencies, use it for informed policymaking.

Naresh Trehan Download
Have a Heart to Heart -- 29-Sep-23
India is a young country. Unfortunately a silent intruder - cardiovascular diseases is impacting the health of the younger generation.

Kiran Karnik Download
All Imagineers May Apply -- 28-Sep-23
An AI-boosted worksphere will demand people who can imagine new products, services, processes.

Subhrakant Panda Download
Unclog the Credit Lines -- 28-Sep-23
In pushing for greater inclusivity,India recognises the social and economic imperative of broad-based growth.

Anil Padmanabhan Download
OCEN of Opportunity -- 27-Sep-23
After two years of experiments with various pilots, Open Credit Enablement Network was launched recently.

Rajesh Shukla Download
For a Bindiyan Workforce -- 26-Sep-23
India’s women’s labour force participation rate is dismal. To reverse this trend, educate them better

Neeraj Kaushal Download
Union States of America? -- 26-Sep-23
The US labour market is the hottest it has been in more than half a century. The unemployment rate has been less than 4% for almost two years.

Ateesh Tankha & Syagnik Banerjee Download
It Could Pay to Pay to Tweet -- 25-Sep-23
Getting consumers to pay for the benefit of using a public square may be a good, disruptive thing

Akshay Rout Download
Planning for One Mega Carnival -- 25-Sep-23
The first meeting of the committee on ‘One Nation, One Election’ (ONOE) chaired by former president Ram Nath Kovind took place on Saturday.

Indrani Bagchi Download
See You Later, 'Allegation -- 21-Sep-23
Did Trudeau throw India under the bus before a public inquiry brings uncomfortable facts to light?

Arvind Panagariya Download
Delhi Exerted G20 Force -- 21-Sep-23
A day before the G20 summit, I had made three predictions

Harsh V Pant Download
Stand-Up Justin, Stand Down -- 20-Sep-23
Trudeau has lost the plot on India, and things are unlikely to get better under his administration

Rohit K Singh Download
Dial C for Customer Care -- 20-Sep-23
In the ever-changing landscape of global commerce and trade, a critical fulcrum balances the scales between producers and consumers.

Anjana Menon Download
Falling Far From the Tree -- 19-Sep-23
The star in Apple’s products launch last week was Oscar-winning actor Octavia Spencer.

Bibek Debroy & Aditya Sinha Download
Snakecharming Those Data -- 12-Sep-23
Of economists, echo chambers and exoticism — the trifecta of anti-India critiques via cherry-picking