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12-Aug-2022 ‘Having strong values is central to succeeding in business — sustainability requires empathy’
12-Aug-2022 ‘In Large Corporate Space, Not Getting Paid for Risk We Take’
11-Aug-2022 ‘Localisation, Higher Profits Key Priorities for Skoda Now’
10-Aug-2022 Nifty may Fall 10%; Mkts Getting Excited Too Soon
05-Aug-2022 ‘We can address climate change through virtue signalling — or taking real action like pricing carbon to go up over time’
04-Aug-2022 IT Minister: New Data Bill Draft is Almost Ready
04-Aug-2022 Maybe Govt Thought It Wiser to Come Out with a Reworked Bill
04-Aug-2022 ‘I am Suspicious of the Rally in US, India’
04-Aug-2022 India Inc Likely to Choose Rupee Bonds Over Dollars to Fund New Capex Plans
03-Aug-2022 ‘Thin Line Between Empowerment & Freebies; PM Modi for Empowerment’